Friday, May 31, 2013

Catwoman Annual 2013
Written by Ann Nocenti
Art by me


  1. its incredible to see the pages in pencil and inks, i loved your work on this issue of catwoman (annual 1) there was a panel where DT.Tammy Keyes is holding a gun at catwoman she says " catwoman im arresting you for murder" its a low angle shot and i think its one of the best panels ive seen. the pose catwoman is in is just beautiful and the angle of shoulders in comparisson to her hips is beautifully drawn. would you be able to show the pencils and inks for this panel please.

  2. Hola Christian. Acabo de enviarte un mail a una dirección de correo que encontré en internet y parece ser tuya ( Espero que puedas verlo y considerar la propuesta que te comento allí. Saludos cordiales :)